SmarterWX - a collaborative scheduling tool for project management

Real-time collaboration drives efficiency

The biggest complaints against capital works projects occur when the same location is dug up more than once within weeks or months, resulting in traffic congestion, public inconvenience and frustration, and soaring costs.

To avoid this pitfall, local government councils and utilities can now collaborate before digging with SmarterWX — an intuitive tool delivering an innovative approach to capital works management.

By sharing project data and coordinating with other project managers before digging up roads where possible, project owners can save time and money.

Download the case study to find out how Sydney Water used SmarterWX to carry out its $50 million annual water main renewal plan by coordinating and sharing its proposed work, costs, resources and schedules with various agencies to realise significant gains including:

  • Better public works coordination
  • Minimised impact on natural and built environments
  • Less traffic and pedestrian interference
  • Reduced community and business disruption
  • Minimised duplication leading to less capital outlay

For more information visit our SmarterWX page.

Download the study