An innovative approach for improving mining operations

South32’s GIS technology strategy

To drive greater operational efficiencies and support safety and sustainability practices, South32 has rolled out an innovative location strategy that enables the value of its geospatial technology to be fully exploited across its Australian operations.

With each operation previously utilising independent IT systems, South32 identified an opportunity to create a single, centralised data management platform that would enable accurate, current and consistent insights to be instantly shared across its business.

South32 partnered with Esri Australia to assess its current GIS usage; and develop a strategic, best-practice approach to deploying an enterprise-wide GIS solution aimed at maximising ROI.

South32’s GIS technology strategy includes an enterprise-wide system which successfully consolidates spatial information from across the business into one overarching platform.

Acting as a ‘single point of truth’ for authoritative data, the solution incorporates a robust data management and governance framework to ensure all corporate information is collected and stored in a consistent and secure manner.

This has improved operational efficiencies and reduced organisational risk by delivering one source of high quality information to decision makers at all levels.

It’s also enabled the company to achieve greater cost savings and ROI from consolidating unused software licences and providing streamlined access to software training, support and maintenance.

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